Welcome to Xu’s Silk Road LLC! This is the best place to buy African laces! TEL:1-713-932-8887(U.S.A) 86-137-5810-9972(CHINA)
WELCOME TO XU'S SILK ROAD LLC.We are one of the best manufacturers of African high quality lace, established in 2002. We specialize in all kinds of African lace, such as Swiss Voile, Organza/Net lace, Sequins lace and so on. Keeping a leading position on designs by our specialized designer team, we offer our customers best lace with low factory price.

Based on excellent products, we set up an office in Houston, U.S.A in 2005, for better serving customers in American and Europe. We can deliver lace to any places in U.S.A within 1-4 days with extremely competitive price.

Please register as our member, you can enjoy our online shopping promotion price, and see our newest unique lace design.

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Contact us Houston Office Address:
1434 West Sam Houston PKWY
SUITE #100, Houston, TX 77043
Tel: 1-713-932-8887 (Linda)
Fax: 1-713-932-9501
E-Mail: silkroad_linda@hotmail.com
 Welcome to visit our office! 
Please contact us by mail or phone.
Tel:1-713-932-8887 (Linda)
E-Mail: silkroad_linda@hotmail.com
Why to buy our products? *  We trade at the very lowest price
*  We have the best machine, can make high quality lace
*  100% satisfaction or money back guarantee
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